What Not to Do As an Affiliate Marketer

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There are a lot of mistakes to be made in the field of affiliate marketing.
For every successful marketer in this field, there are at least ten that fail miserably at it.
This is because they forget the most important rules of what not to do in affiliate marketing.
The following is a list of things that you should never do as an affiliate marketer.
If you stay away from these things, you will be on track to become one of the greats in the business.
• Never pair your company with one that will ruin its reputation.
This sounds a lot easier than it is.
There are easy ways to follow this rule.
You can look at what a company sells, and if they sell something that doesn't jive with your company, then you can stay away from it.
A great affiliate marketer will not stop here.
They will search far beyond what a company sells and discover what the company is.
Try to imagine that your company is marrying this company.
Are they going to last together? Do their traits as companies correlate well? These are the deep questions that you will need to ask.
• Never present your company in a dishonest light.
The customer will be outraged if they come to your company under false pretenses.
You really have to ask yourself if you are working with a good affiliate if you have to sacrifice what your product is in order to present it in such a way that the customer will be interested.
• Never ruin your relationship with an affiliate.
From time to time an affiliate will have a problem with something that you do.
You will want to heal these wounds as quickly as possible.
They might not realize at first how much power they have.
You don't want them to ever realize this.
You don't want them to notice that they can turn away all the customers you have gotten from them.
So, keep them happy.
• Never choose intentionally choose a temporary affiliate.
Some affiliate marketers think it is a good idea to use an affiliate for a short period of time, and then get rid of them.
This can be very damaging to your cause.
With all the research that went into picking an affiliate, it can be a real waste to not plan on using them for a while.
This can be beneficial to both of your companies.
So, plan on a long relationship with your affiliates.
You are each other's future.
These are just a few rules that you do not want to cross.
There is a lot at stake when it comes to these rules.
A good affiliate will do a lot of this naturally.
Still, being a natural is not the same as being a professional.
A natural intuitively knows what they should do.
It's a lot better to definitely know what you should do.
So, read up on these rules and make sure that you follow them.
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