Three Tips to Go From Online Dating to Finding True Love in 2011

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We can never deny how famous social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become today.
These sites have been of great contribution to society in many ways, but particularly in terms of promoting relationships.
Which is why these famous social networking sites have - to some extent - are synonymous with free dating sites, which many people use.
And it is these online dating sites, rather than social networks, that many people are using to transform their lives by finding true love - especially in 2011.
You might wonder how online dating can make love a reality for you in 2011? The answer is simple: follow the tips outlined below and you'll have a better chance of realizing your romantic ideals.
Love in the cyberspace age is as possible as ever, regardless of races, age, or other boundaries.
These, then, are some tips to maybe help you finally find true "love" in the online world.
The first tip is to meet lots of new people! Free dating sites offer a great place to meet many prospective partners - one of whom could turn out to be the exact person you are seeking for 'true love'.
But if you would really like to go from online dating to finding true love, then you must take a risk and meet people face-to-face.
Maybe start by arranging to meet someone you contact regularly online.
Or you might focus on someone you don't know that well, and take the initiative and aim to become a friend to him or her.
Second, make sure that you update the online dating site's personal profile about yourself.
The profile is the first thing people view about you, and your profile picture.
Then it's the content - the words you write about yourself and what you're looking for.
Be particular about the photos you have displayed and also be intelligent about the information in your profile.
Make sure to update your photos regularly.
Hopefully you have a friend who has a good camera and photography skills who can take a flattering portrait of you.
The content of your profile must be catchy and yet sensible.
After all, people will judge you with just a quick glance at your photos and discovering what your profile text has to say about you.
And lastly, it's a great idea to work on expanding your networks of real-world friends.
It is not just adding friends in free dating sites or social networks like Facebook or Twitter.
It will be of most benefit when you meet new people your established friends already know.
Or you can introduce yourself to new people at parties and social occasions.
This will give you the chance to meet many people first-hand, and this might be the way you meet someone special, rather than necessarily online.
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