How to Replace a Battery in a Casio W87H

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    • 1). Wipe off the watch to remove any dirt or debris. Place the watch face down on a soft surface to protect the watch face while working.

    • 2). Look at the back of the watch. Several small slots indicate a screw-back case, which requires a standard screwdriver or a case-back wrench, available at most watch repair stores, to open. A smooth case back with an indent on the side is a snap-back case and will require a small standard screwdriver to open.

    • 3). Set the small metal tips on the back of a case back wrench into the small slots on a screw-back case and turn clockwise to open.

    • 4). Set the flat blade of a small standard screwdriver into the indent on the side of the watch for a snap-back case and gently lift to open the case back.

    • 5). Purchase a new battery using the old battery for a guide. New watch batteries can be purchased at many watch repair stores, home repair stores, hardware stores or drugstores.

    • 6). Put the new battery in the watch.

    • 7). Set the case back on the watch and align the indent for a snap back or the slots for a screw back. Use the case-back wrench to close the screw back, and simply press the case back on a snap back to close the watch.

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