Blogging For Writers - Why Should You Blog?

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Want to make more money writing and build your writing career? Blogging is a sure and certain route to success.
If you haven't yet discovered the value of blogging for your writing career, let's look at four reasons you should blog.
To Get Known, So You Can Get Better Clients Writers tend to be shy, they're reluctant to toot their own horn.
This means that it can take you many years to achieve even moderate success.
Getting known as a writer is essential because although many people call themselves  "writers", editors and other buyers of writing often get burned by these people.
Buyers of your writing want to know what they're getting.
A blog lets you display your writing skills, in a simple and direct way.
Anyone who spends 30 seconds on your blog can see that you can use language well and that you're a committed writer -- simply because you're blogging.
Dilettantes don't blog.
To Build an Audience and Sell More of Your Writing As you continue to blog you build a readership.
This readership has value.
If you're writing a book for example, a publisher will see that you have 10,000 subscribers to your blog, and will know that there's a built-in audience for your book.
This makes it much more likely that you'll be offered a book contract.
You may even get an offer to turn your blog into a book.
Most importantly, a blog makes you visible online.
Every blogger gets offers of writing jobs.
You don't have to do anything to get these offers, your blog is a shop window display of your writing ability and skills.
This makes a blog a marvelous marketing tool.
To Enhance Your Writing Skills It takes time to become a the writer you can be.
It also takes a lot of writing.
Writing demands a close interaction between your left brain and your right brain.
Your blog ensures that you become so comfortable writing that  writing is just about automatic for you.
Blogging helps to get you comfortable writing and improves and enhances your writing skills without you being aware of it.
To Build a Real, Lasting Career As a Writer Your blogging will tell you where you should go as a writer.
All of my best ideas have come to me while I was actually writing.
This applies to every writer -- you get useful ideas when you're writing: writing primes the pump.
As you continue blogging over the years, you'll get offers of writing jobs you could have got in no other way, and editors will offer you contracts totally unexpectedly.
In addition, a blog helps you to know yourself as a writer: as you read your blog you will be able to track your own growth as a writer.
Blogging is instant publishing and is the best thing you can do for your writing career.
If you're not blogging already, get started today.
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