Curved Stair Lifts Retain the Beauty of Your Home

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A curved staircase surely adds extra beauty to the interior of a house.
For people with mobility issues, climbing curved staircases can be a matter of concern.
In such situations, a curved stair lift will be an effective solution to the accessibility problem.
Curved stair lifts can be custom-made in order to suit all models of curved stairways without affecting the elegance of your home.
These lifts are designed in such a way that they can be mounted both on the inside and outside path of your stairs.
It is possible to fix the track on the stair treads, so the exquisiteness of the walls of your home may not be disturbed.
Curved stair lifts can accommodate loads up to three hundred and fifty pounds.
Another important feature is their quiet and smooth operation.
In order to ensure more safety to the users, these models are operated with push button or joystick.
When taking into account the price factor, curved stair lifts are more expensive than all the other stair lift models.
The price may vary depending on many factors including the length of your stairway, total number of bends along with the angle of bends and lot more.
The key point to be kept in mind when purchasing curved chair lifts is that it is always sensible to buy a new one rather than a used one, because curved stair chair lifts are specially made on demand and according to the measurements of particular staircases; the stairways of your home may be having different designs and proportions and so an used model may not fit your stairway.
As far as maintenance is considered, curved stair lifts require more maintenance than other traditional stair lifts, because when the chair moves around the corners, a lot of pressure is exerted on the track which can lead to damages.
Before buying a curved stair lift model, it is vital to have a good understanding about the different models available and about the company and the dealer because curved stair lifts are not totally free from mechanical problems.
It is always advisable to associate with dealers who provide superior warranty for their curved stair lift models.
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