Party Planning Success - 3 Steps to Setting the Stage For a Great Event

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There is No Business like the Party Business! I call this stage "Building the Set" and it certainly is much more detailed than I will spell out here in these brief words but you will have a semblance of what it means to get ready for an event.
With that being said, let's look at what I call the "Big Three" for making sure the stage is set in a way that will best serve your business.
Now I know that every Event is different and every venue offers unique challenges that you must accommodate for but there are some very common elements of every venue that can and should be managed.
These three element s are common in that they generally do not change form venue-to-venue and there are ways you can make them work for you every time.
Step 1: Make sure you have specialized team members for the Event Planning details.
So you thought I was going to say something about the physical aspect of the Event Planning.
Well, I am in a sense.
You see, it is vitally important that you have, either on staff or in a freelance capacity, those who are able to focus or have expertise  on the part of the Party Planning process that they manage the best.
Example; if you have a person who excels in the actual staging of the Event, don't you dare divert their attention off of that task.
Use your team where they are the most effective.
Step 2: Keep the team sparse at the initial stages of planning the Event logistics.
In many ways, this goes against convention in that you would think that it is necessary for getting the Event off the ground.
The initial panning process is best left in the initial planning stage by an elite few.
Let me give you a theatre analogy.
When we would build the first stages of the set, it was always best to let a few who were highly skilled do the building do the initial building as they did not need any training to build, they just needed direction.
They knew how to use the tools and they could create with what they had.
The same is for Party Planning.
The "Elite Squad" takes the reigns until the cast and crew get there to fill in the missing pieces.
Step 3: Bring in the Ants.
Many a Party Planner loses at this stage because they don't see the benefit of gathering a bunch of people to do the last minute tasks, instead they over work their "Elite Squad" and fail to hire, if they have to, the minions that they need to secure the last minute details that will drive most Event Planners crazy.
  Again, we will use a theatrical analogy.
As with Events, so it is in a theatrical production that there are a million tiny details that, if left unattended, will create a mountain that will bury you if you let it.
At this stage, hire young people who just want some spending cash if you have to who will do all of the little things that the "Elite Squad"  need not be burdened to do.
This tells the "Elites" that they are valued and that they will not be used for menial events.
While the events may change in your Event Planning, these three steps are a constant no matter who you have in your employ or the nature of the Event.
Make sure you specialize, have an "Elite Squad" and have an army of ants ready to make your Event the best it can be.
Remember, Life is a Party, you just have to know how to Plan it!
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