How to Transfer Quicken Files From a PC to a Mac

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    Prepare Quicken files on your PC.

    • 1). Open Quicken on your PC.

    • 2). Modify any account or category names that are more than 15 letters long. To change an account name, click "Account List" under the "Tools" menu. Click "Options, View Hidden Accounts." Under the "Manage Accounts" tab, clear the "Hide in Quicken" boxes. Right-click a name you need to modify and click "Edit." Re-enter a shorter name. Edit category names under "Tools, Category List."

    • 3). Accept your downloaded transactions for each account. You'll see a red flag icon if you have pending action. Click "Downloaded Transactions" at the bottom of the window to accept transactions.

    • 4). Cancel pending online payments, as you'll re-establish these in Quicken for Mac.

    Create QIF Files

    • 1). Open Quicken on your PC.

    • 2). Click the "File" menu. Select "Export, QIF File." Click "Browse." Enter "Accounts.QIF" as the file name. Choose where you want to save the file, and click "OK."

    • 3). Select the account you want to transfer in the "Quicken Account to Export From" list. Select "Account List" under "Include in Export." Click "OK" to create the file.

    • 4). Repeat these steps for Security List, Categories and Transactions. Name the files separately and check the corresponding check box for each. Save all the files in the same folder. Saving separate QIF files will make sure the transfer goes through properly.

    • 5). Copy the files to a blank CD or an external drive.

    Create New Quicken File on Mac

    • 1). Open Quicken on the Mac.

    • 2). Click the "File" menu. Select "New, File." Click "New Quicken File" and click "OK." The "Create Data File" dialog box appears.

    • 3). Enter a name for the file in the "Save as" field. Choose a folder or location (ie. Desktop) where you want to save the file. Select the categories you want to use. Click "Create."

    • 4). Click "Cancel" on the "New Account Assistant" screen, and hit "Close."

    Import QIF Files

    • 1). Insert the CD or connect the external drive that contains the QIF files from Windows.

    • 2). Click the "File" menu in Quicken on your Mac. Click "Import, From QIF."

    • 3). Select one of the QIF files from the CD or external drive. Click "Open." Follow the prompts to properly import the file.

    • 4). Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each of the QIF files.

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