Plan Your Baby - 10 Top Natural Tips

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Plan my baby gender naturally There has been various methods that are followed by many couples with great success and enjoyment.
The following are the top ten naturally used methods with excellent results.
Chinese calendar technique: This takes into account of the dates, age and year.
The chart has blue and pink boxes with the months of the year.
These are tabulated against your age from 18 to 45.
With the combination of your age and month you can look at your box which is blue for a boy and pink for a girl.
pH Method: This is a simple method which is determined by the pH changes in the womans' genital tract.
If the environment is more acidic it favors girls and a more alkaline phase favors boys.
There are various ways and suggestions how to gently alter this pH naturally and to improve your chances to plan your prince or princess.
Position of Intercourse and penetration depth: Again this is partly closer to the pH of the genital tract.
The deeper the penetration there is less distance for the 'Y' sperm to travel and better chances for a boy.
The missionary position gives a shallower penetration and longer distance for the 'X' sperm to travel and more acidic the tract will be give more chances for a girl.
Sperm Count: The higher the sperm count the higher the chances to favor boys.
There are many suggestions in the literature how to improve your sperm count.
Women's Orgasm: This can be very important.
When a lady has orgasm the body releases many happy hormones and substances which tends to make the environment alkaline leading to a boy.
Ovulation Time: This concept takes into account of the timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation.
The egg comes in contact with two kinds of sperms at two slightly different times during conception.
The 'Y' Chromosome is smaller, faster and stays for short time which has a higher chance of conceiving earlier in the cycle leading to a boy.
The 'X' chromosomes are bigger, stronger, but slower allowing to conceive at latter dates in the cycle leading to a girl baby.
Food: Coffee, wine, alcohol, shellfish, garlic and spices all have a role in improving your sperm count and changing the pH which will help in planning your baby.
Abstinence Method: This is an effective method to have a boy in which you should stop having sex for few days before ovulation to improve the count of 'Y' chromosomes.
Special Days technique: In this way you will be made aware of all the special days in your menstrual cycle for conceiving for a baby and their sex.
Foreplay: It is found that a good time spent in a quality foreplay will boost your sperm count which will help your conception and your baby gender.
We highly recommend natural ways of planning of your baby.
If you need to plan your baby read further from below: WWW.
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