How to Sooth the Snoring Beast

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Unlike the pleasant Zzzs of the comics, real snores can be disruptive to the family of the snorer and can sometimes be an indicator of other, more serious problems.
Here are some ideas for people who are trying to quiet their unconscious buzz saws.
Behavioral Changes
  • Some snoring can be cured with some behavioral changes that sound simple, but may be the hardest way to fix it.
  • Lose weight.
    Gaining ten pounds can cause a person to start snoring, and losing them can stop it, but losing ten pounds is sometimes easier said than done.
  • Avoid alcohol.
    Alcohol consumption can cause muscles to relax even more than they usually do during sleep, which can cause increased snoring as the airway closes off.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Change your sleeping position.
    Sleeping in certain positions, especially flat on your back, can cause airway passages to close more and cause more vibration.
Nasal Devices and Medications Some people snore because of narrowed nasal passages.
Allergy medications, mucus-reducing medications, or nasal steroids can help to calm down snoring during illnesses and allergy season.
Breathe Right tan nasal strips sm can open up nasal passages as well, which will alleviate snoring if this is the main area of airway narrowing.
Dental Devices Mouthpieces made by a dentist can improve snoring problems by 70-90%, but they have to be worn every night and can have adverse effects on jaw problems.
If snoring is really severe, the snorer should see a doctor to make sure the snoring isn't a sign of sleep apnea or another more serious condition.
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