The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health:

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Updated June 08, 2015.

Finally, the importance of an holistic approach to overcoming chronic yeast-related conditions is emphasized in sections on:
  • using the right dietary supplements
  • incorporating organic cleaning products
  • avoiding solvents, glues, paints, and fumes
  • finding psychological support
  • making the mind-body connection
  • exercising
  • meditating or relaxing
  • dealing with any emotional and spiritual issues in your life.

    A ?bonus? section, so to speak, highlights Dr. Crook?s insights to various other topics in women?s health, such as hormone replacement therapy.

    Dr. Crook?s concluding comments offer supportive, cautionary statements about how best to monitor your progress, coordinate with your health care team and correctly incorporate the yeast connection information in this book into a healthy life-style.

    The Yeast Connection and Women?s Health
    by William G. Crook, M.D., Hyla Cass, M.D. and Elizabeth B. Crook
    Professional Books, Inc., 2004
    ISBN 0-933478-22-4, $18.95


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    Katie Engen contributed to this article.
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