Who Are Playing the Good Characters in the New Harry Potter Film?

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The new Harry Potter movie is most hot and sensational topic these days among all.
The newspapers and websites are spilling out as much information as possible thus creating a great amount of hype and sensation among the fans.
The movie is based on the sixth novel of the series and promises to provide a great show for all viewers.
The plot of the movie is already known to the fans as they have learned the book by heart, but it has been some time now that the sixth book was released.
The movie has slightly edited versions from the book since the story line of the book is too long and every scene cannot be included.
The most noble and caring character of the movie is professor Dumbledore.
The character is being played by Sir Michael Gambon.
In the movie, Dumbledore guides Harry through all the tests and trials to make him aware of Lord Voledemorts history and his weakness.
The headmaster prepares Harry for the great battle that he has to face in the end.
The good characters in the movie are all the Weaselys as well.
When harry started off with his first year at Hogwarts he came across Ron Weasely and they immediately became friends.
Ron is being played by Rupert Grint since the first movie and the following sequels and his family members include his mother and father, whose character is being played by Julie Walters and Mark Williams.
Following these characters are Ron's brothers as well.
Although Percy plays a slightly negative role but the other brothers which are included in the movie are being played by James and Oliver Phelps as Fred and George Weasely.
Ron has a sister Ginny who gets romantically involved with Harry in this movie and the movie promises to bring some exciting romantic sizzle to the movie.
Ginny Weasely is being played by Bonne Wright.
After Ron, Harry's next best friend is Hermione Granger.
Emma Watson has done a marvelous job of expressions and acting in this movie.
Her role as a concerned friend is impeccable in the movie.
She even falls in love with Ron, her other best friend but her concerns regarding Harry are evident throughout the series.
The teachers of Hogwarts, which are also part of the Order Of the Phoenix, an organisation that fights the Dark Lord are included in the good characters.
They work towards providing Harry the best protection over their lives.
The teachers include Professor McGonagall, Professor Slughorn, Professor Flitwick, and professor Dumbledore.
Other various characters that play a positive role in the movie are Remeus Lupin, who despite being a werewolf teaches Harry many useful spells and protects him over his life.
David Thewlis is playing his character.
Next comes Nymphadora Tonks, whose character is adopted by Natalia Tena, is an important yet juicy character in the movie.
She is a part of the Order Of The Phoenix.
Overall, the movie is a must to watch and is to be released on 15th July all over the world.
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