Feelings Of Depression & Anxiety

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When you are feeling like there is no tomorrow and everything looks bleak, are you feeling depressed and/or anxious? Are you feeling embarrassed and dont want to talk to your friends, parents or even a doctor because they may not understand? Depression is very common and everyone suffers from depression at sometime in their lives. The feelings of sadness become stronger and have a significant impact on life.

There are a number of factors that occur to create the feelings of anxiety that happen when under a lot of stress, then depression take control of life. For example, moving house at the same time as going through a divorce can lead to feelings of inadequacy and failure. Self confidence and self esteem can go crashing through the floor. Having very negative thoughts and feeling very low (or numb) can lead to guilt and frustration as well as a sensation of being overwhelmed.

Being tired and fatigued with no energy to do anything can lead to no motivation to want to do anything. Sometimes, sleep patterns can become disturbed so that sleeping too much or not at all happens. Wanting to stay in bed is common. Avoiding friends and family and doing activities that are normally enjoyed together makes it difficult for someone with depression to take control. Normal behaviour changes and people experiencing depression start to rely on mood elevators such as drugs and alcohol to make them feel better and improve their frame of mind.

Gaining a better understanding on how to deal with and overcome depression can start by learning different coping strategies. Life will slowly start to change. It is not an instant fix and the treatment of depression can take some time. It is time to take control and put a practical action plan to regain control of your life again. Begin by developing a healthier approach to life. This requires work from you.

Evaluate how you are thinking and then start to develop a more realistic thought process. Remember that it is going to take time and practise. How good will it feel when you can be happy and in control of your life once more. There are many challenges to finding happiness and it all starts with you.

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