How to Unlock a Mobile From Three Network in Australia

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    • 1). Turn off your cell phone and remove the battery. Underneath will be a sticker with the letters IMEI on it. Write down the 15 digit code next to it. If the sticker is missing, turn your phone on and dial *#06#. The IMEI will appear on the screen. This is also known as the international mobile equipment identification number and is what mobile phone companies use to identify your phone with.

    • 2). Go to an online store that sells unlock codes. A few that you can use are FoneZone, Unlocking and GSMLiberty. (See Resources.) As of 2010, an individual unlocking code costs between $11.99 to $35.99.

    • 3). Enter your IMEI number, then find your phone manufacturer and the model of the phone. Choose "Three" as your network and "Australia" as the country. Enter your payment information and a current email address.

    • 4). Check your email and retrieve the unlocking code.

    • 5). Turn your phone off and replace your SIM card (subscriber identity module) with one from a different network. These can be purchased from a convenience store or you can borrow one from a friend's phone. Turn your phone back on and you will get a message to "Enter Special Code."

    • 6). Type in your unlock code and press "Enter." Wait for the phone to turn off and restart. Your phone is now unlocked, and you will be able to use it on any network.

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