Luxury Trains India - The Priceless Experience on Land

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Travelling over Indian land is always considered a time-consuming affair. Such a journey is monotonous, where travellers literally have nothing to do but eagerly wait for the destination. But this is not the case with the luxury trains of India. One of the country's finest experiences, these special trains comes in a package, providing the plushest historical culture, royalty & luxury over land. Launched in the year 1982 to restore the crumbling heritage of royal saloons used by the princely rulers, the concept of luxury trains in India over the three decades has become a successful venture famous worldwide for its plush luxury. The underlying concept behind these state of the art luxury trains is its intrinsic association with the roots and heritage of the country.
These luxurious trains resonate with the age-old Indian ethos of hospitality, where guest is considered the king and is provided with the impeccable comforts and luxuries onboard. Right from the onset of the journey, the passenger gets the luxurious reception and ardent presence of attendant or khidmatgar for porting and accompanying the guest to his personal suite. The suites onboard reflect the visible link between the past and the present. Laid out on royal theme, these interiors not just transport the passengers to the royal era, but also echo the intricate and artistic inclinations of royals. Right from the upholstery, furnishings to the selective paintings and brocaded cushions, everything is carefully chosen for the luxuriant travellers.
The impeccable onboard experience accompanied with the rich Indian heritage continues with the exclusive off-board excursions. Often done in the morning, these excursions introduce the tourists with the rich culture of India slowly. It usually includes the sightseeing of fortresses, palaces and other monuments evocative of the royal past. These excursions take travellers to the places where royals lived, erected palaces to create livelihood for population, etc. Overall, it gives an in-depth glimpse of the rich heritage in the most luxurious way. Passengers can also avail the assistance of guides during off-board excursions.
Other sightseeing options include a game drive to a wild safari. During the royal rule, the sources of entertainment were limited and the kings used to spend their vacations on to hunting expeditions. Killing the animals used to display their bravery and targeting skills. It used to be one of the favourite royal excursions. However, the trend of killing animals for fun is banned by Indian government, but still the travellers can be taken to the wildlife safaris of the royal hunting grounds. Here, they can spot the wildlife wandering in the wilderness and enjoy the company of rich flora and fauna. Wandering elephants in herds are the common sights of this safari. And if you are lucky, then you get to see the elusive glimpse of the star attraction, the royal Bengal tiger.
These are few of the priceless experiences that can be availed during an India luxury train tour. Providing the finest travel experiences onboard, these trains provide the best of the royal Indian experiences with every journey.
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