How to Unlock an LG F7200 Cell Phone

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    • 1). Dial *#06# to get your IMEI number. This is the serial number that your service provider uses to identify your phone with. A 15 digit code will appear, write it down and save it for later.

    • 2). Call up Cingular and ask them for your unlock codes. If you are at the end of your contract they should give them to you although they don't always. This largely depends on how good a mood your customer service agent is in. Be persistent but if they absolutely refuse then you will need to purchase your codes.

    • 3). Find a site that has unlock codes for the LG F7200. A few that you can try are, and These sites will provide you with unlock codes for a fee. As of 2010 it usually costs between $14.99-$29.99.

    • 4). Enter your IMEI into the website that you've chosen and then put in the "Make" as LG and the model as the F7200. Enter the country that you are living as the United States and the network as Cingular and click "Submit." You will be asked for your payment details.

    • 5). Enter your credit card or paypal details along with an e-mail address and click "Buy."
      Check your e-mail and you will find the unlock codes in 1-2 days. Write down the code.

    • 6). Turn your phone off and remove the battery. Take out the SIM (subscriber identification module) and replace it with one from a different network. Put the battery back in and turn the phone back on.

    • 7). Enter the unlock code exactly as you see it in the e-mail. Press "Ok" and the phone will restart. When it is finished you will get a message that says the phone is unlocked and you will see your new network at the top of the screen.

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