Scooter Ramp Buying Tips

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Wheel chair ramps are great products as they help a disabled person get to and from their vehicle with ease.
Just because a person is in a wheelchair does not mean that they can't drive a car or hold a job.
For most disabled people, it can be a very hard, and long process to get in and out of a vehicle.
Luckily there are scooter ramps out there that can dramatically reduce this time.
There are two main types of ramps.
The first is an electrical automated ramp.
These ramps are the fastest types of ramps and make getting in and out of a car very easy.
They are more pricey than regular ramps as they have to be installed and maintained often to ensure proper wear and tear.
These ramps are also very heavy as they are made of steel, and aluminum metals.
The next type of scooter ramp is a free ramp.
These ramps typically fold up in a fan or SUV and then the person simply unfolds the ramp and then goes up into the car on the ramp.
These ramps are much more light weight and are almost always aluminum.
These ramps are cheap and great to have on the go as they can be used for more than just vehicles.
Stairs, and other obstacles can be as easy as pie with a portable scooter ramp.
We hope we have enlighten you a little bit on the different types of scooter ramps and how they work.
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