Juvenile Boot Camps in Alabama

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    • According to "Science News," "Juvenile delinquents sentenced to either a juvenile retreat, probation or unsupervised community service were seven times more likely to commit criminal acts as adults than youngsters from the control group who managed to avoid the juvenile justice system." An astounding number---juvenile camps are often at the center of attention in regards to their effectiveness. Alabama is home to several juvenile facilities and understanding their quality, as well as their hands-on programs, is extremely important.

    Autauga Campus

    • Located in Prattville, Alabama, Autauga Campus was created in 1985 as a center for drug and alcohol treatment for adults. In 1994 the facility was turned into a boot-camp-style facility for youth services. The campus holds 78 youths and focuses on a 28-day program that works on instilling positive characteristics. The program also includes common academic and physical programs, as well as counseling that focuses on self-image building and aggression in youths.

    Mobile Group Home

    • Located in Mobile, Alabama, Mobile Group Home houses only a small population. This facility houses only up to 13 males that have been committed in court to a group home for rehabilitation. The home focuses on counseling activities that include training in behavior, decision making and positive reinforcement. The program also focuses on setting goals for the future. The youths here are considered "low-risk" and normally stay four to six months in the home.

    Thomasville Facility

    • Located in Thomasville, Alabama, The Thomasville Facility operates off of a R.E.A.C.H. program that focuses on developing responsibility and self-confidence within youths. Group counseling sessions are conducted regularly. The program also allows students to continue their education, including options to complete a GED for those that qualify. The facility also operates with a focus on health, exercising and eating. The average stay is 60-90 days.

    Chalkville Campus

    • Located near Birmingham, Alabama, The Chalkville Campus is a large facility founded in 1909. The school is located on 575 acres and holds up to 60 females at one time--ranging between the ages of 12 to 18. The programs at the school include a Chemical Addiction Program for those that need drug and alcohol treatment, as well as numerous counseling groups covering a broad range of topics--from aggression to sex education. For those youths that have trouble controlling emotions--Chalkville offers Dialectical Behavior Therapy. The goal is to teach youths to grasp their emotions and become less impulsive--ultimately making them better communicators with the outside world. The program also offers academic classes, including all the courses that are found in your typical high school. Also included are numerous extracurricular activities that feature everything from writing to art.

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