Mardi Gras Inspired Music Monday

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Over the years, I suffer industrial a selection of classic New Orleans Carnival traditions of my own (as a good number colonize in this town do). I am could you repeat that? You call a "ball-goer." I try to attend as many of the larger f?te balls as I can. Stylish 2008, I consumed a largest part quantity of energy drinks and not many thousand diet cokes, which provided me with the stamina to meet an emergence next to the grown-up three: The Endymion Extravaganza, the Bacchus Ball, and the Orpheus Orpheuscapade. I'm still working sour to hangover.

Winding Down With Rex and Comus

After all the revelry of the Carnival season, and the dealings leading up to it, Mardi Gras night has suit a sacred "restful" custom in my stock. Like a participant who has voted for the end line of a massive marathon, I offer folks weary, exhausted souls solitary go on hoorah earlier Ash Wednesday begins. With a massive pot of red beans and rice, multiple boxes of Popeye's Chicken ("Ain't refusal pawty like a popeyes pawty, y'all"), and the go on lasting crumbs of king cake, my "tribe" gathers next to 7pm on Mardi Gras night on behalf of the viewing of The Rex/Comus Ball on WYES. (*details of the Rex/Comus drinking game will not be discussed in this article. Thanks ~Mr. Credo).

Meeting of the Courts

Each day next to the congregation of the courts, there's a finicky song to is played on top of and on top of (and on top of and over). The theme to Rex is a song called "If Ever I Cease To worship." After listening to the participate by participate by the on-air commentators and Mardi Gras Historians (like Mr. Mardi Gras Authur Hardy), " If Ever I Cease To Love" is considered to be THE pinnacle Mardi Gras song, as well as the a good number traditional. Really, guys? I've not at all heard to song in my life. My curiosity was peaked and I went on a mission to catch impossible everything I may perhaps roughly speaking this ultimate Mardi Gras song. Because it turns impossible, "If Ever I Cease To Love" is steeped in tradition and remains probably the oldest Mardi Gras tunes impossible present. After the founding of the Mystic Krewe of Comus in 1857 (and their nighttime torch-lit parade), the Krewe Of Rex established several crucial factors to would suit staples on behalf of the full Carnival tradition in 1872: The Mardi Gras flag, the allowed ensign of purple, lush and gold, and the "royal anthem" of a song patrician "If Ever I Cease To worship." stylish classic New Orleans technique, the song comes from a burlesque agricultural show entitled "Blue Beard" and skin tone certain of the craziest lyrics this surface of a Christina Aguilera National Anthem performance: "If Ever I Cease To worship, If Ever I Cease To Love/May cows lay eggs and fish grow legs, If Ever I Cease To worship." Our very own Edward Branley recently told the fascinating story of how these insane lyrics suffer something to work out with Mardi Gras. So now we are, a bunch of hung-over, exhausted, sunburned, Popeyes-eatin' twenty somethings on Mardi Gras night...Lacking a clue to this song (played on top of and on top of next to the Rex Ball) is quite accurately a crucial link to the birth of prevailing Carnival.

If I Ever Cease to Listen to Mardi Gras Music

You won't catch the modify on many Mardi Gras compilation CDs. The song is basically buried under the classic Carnival R&B hits by guys like the Nevilles and even Oliver "Who Shot The LaLa" Morgan (yes, that's the moniker on his birth certificate). There are several intense versions of "If Ever I Cease To Love" on iTunes prepared on behalf of download. So if you go off to catch by hand next to your grandma's stock on Mardi Gras night watching the Rex/Comus orb, impress ya maw maw to you know to classic modify to keeps live on top of and on top of. Maybe even sing a lyric or two. The oldest Mardi Gras song in the order is likely solitary of the a good number of the essence songs in the history of our city. "May the moon be crooked to lush cream cheese, If Ever I Cease To worship."
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