Why Great Leaders Inspire and Succeed Consistently

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Some of the content of this article is not intended to be offensive. It is very candid and does not mince any words, if I did, I would diminish the positive and constructive message I want to convey to you.  I will depict the grim reality for many people of influence and the greatness and awesomeness of many others. With that being stated let's get things started. 

There are three prominent reasons why great leaders constantly stimulate actions and create strong and lasting mutually beneficial relationships.  They empower others to achieve their goals and aspirations because they have made it their life's mission.  Are you an inspiration to others?  Do you empower others?  Do you have strong and lasting relationships?  Hypothetically, do you know any selfish and egotistical salespeople that are all consumed by greed and monetary gain (these relationships are doomed from there very beginning)?   They play the "numbers game" while true leaders "play the relationship game"   There is a vast difference between the two.  Building progressive relationships and helping others are the other reasons why these people of influence succeed constantly.  

Based on my personal experiences and observations, what motivates others is one's ability to maintain the focus in a relationship on an equitable basis without being totally ingratiating and devoid of any self serving motives.  Have you ever been in a relationship whether business or personal where the focus was most of the time is on the other party?  How did it make you feel?  Did it motivate you, or polarize you from that person?  On the other hand, think about relationships you've had where there was mutual focus and reciprocity and an authentic concern for the other person's well being.   Didn't it make you valued and empowered? Why did you feel that way?  Did it fortify your relationship?   Was it an enduring relationship?   One-sided and superficial relationships usually don't last, and can have negative consequences for all involved. Did you not feel truly motivated to grow and achieve by the mere simple fact that someone (possibly your mentor, your spouse, your coach, your teacher) took a sincere interest in helping you?

When you are dealing with people in business, treat them respect and dignity like the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters they are, not some meaningless number or potential "future cash cow" or someone to be totally exploited by you.  When in business and it does not matter what type of business you're in, in order to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, focus on something larger than you.  Leave getting out of debt, buying a new car, taking extravagant vacations, making tons of money, and the like at the doorstep, place your sincere focus helping others achieve and your needs and wants will automatically come to fruition. It is not a new concept, but many entrepreneurs and people of influence seem to ignore, or don't believe in this simple concept, that has proven to be true countless numbers of times over many generations.  Can you think of anyone in your life that pursued something larger than him or her?  More times than not they constantly achieved their goals while helping and inspiring others.  Imagine that! There are two caveats to this process, it should be a life-long mission of yours and it should become a permanent part of your moral fiber, if you are planning on being a truly awesome person of influence.  If you really want to be a world class person of influence, check out the life and times of "The Wizard of Westwood"  former UCLA basketball coach the late John Wooden.  Read his book titled "The John Wooden Pyramid of Success" by Neville L. Johnson.  

In summary there are three prominent reasons why people of influence constantly inspire and succeed.  The first one being they have made it their life-long mission. The second is empowering and helping others. The third one is building progressive and enduring relationships.  Great leaders inspire and succeed consistently because they play "the relationship game", not the "numbers game".     
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