How to Learn German at My Own Pace

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    • 1). Purchase German language books and workbooks that teach readers how to speak different parts of the German language, such as items found around the home. Workbooks contain assignments that reinforce what the reader has learned.

    • 2). Watch German language tutorials on DVD or learn basic German phrases on websites such as IE Languages. Online tutorials demonstrate how German words are spoken. The DVDs may contain an actual story line or provide lessons on speaking the German language.

    • 3). Listen to German language CDs while driving on the way to work or completing chores at home. Podcasts may also be downloaded from websites, such as Open Language, allowing those learning German to listen to tutorials while exercising or running errands.

    • 4). Interact with others who speak German on forums or social networking websites to learn conversational German and practice German writing skills. Write to a German pen pal, as well, who is learning English or your native language, to exchange tips and information on the language.

    • 5). Join a German social group in your community, if available, to practice with others who are learning or are fluent in German. Those who are fluent in German can teach you the correct pronunciation of German words, as well as sounds made when pronouncing the words.

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