Can You Spot The Trade Show Stand? Four Common Uses For A Surprisingly Versatile Item

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A trade show display is usually easy to spot.
It's designed to stand out, and you're meant to see immediately what it's promoting.
Although this is true of many successful stands, others have taken a slightly more subtle route with their design choices.
The result is a group of trade show booths which are far more versatile than most marketers expect.
You've probably seen these new models before - the question is, did you recognize them as a trade show stand? Use #1: The Sales Trade Show Display This is one of the most popular uses for a stand of any size and shape.
It's very common to see a banner or pop up used to promote the benefits of a product.
What is more innovative is the re-purposing of an entire display to help communicate with potential buyers.
Generally, the unit is designed such that people who see it won't immediately think of it as a promotion.
This doesn't necessarily require that it be structured differently from any other convention showcase.
The key here is that it doesn't look like a typical exhibit.
Use #2: The Standalone Promotion If you have ever passed an informational display, odds are that it was a trade show stand at its core.
The two are very similar; in fact, the main difference is what images and words are placed on the surface, not any of the structural components.
Standing alone in a mall, outdoors, or anywhere else, it may not be obvious, but they're almost certainly trade show booths.
Use #3: Museum Signs And Showcases Many museums use a modified display to accompany their exhibits.
Instead of focusing on a sales pitch or promoting a brand, they use the platform to create informative and educational content that explains what they're showing off.
Many designers find museums inspirational because they so effectively communicate information and work to make it exciting without being overly promotional.
Use #4: The Organizer's Booth At Your Local Fair Not every trade show stand is designed for marketing.
Some are simply designed to impart a little bit of information in a comfortable, informal setting.
There is perhaps no better example of this kind of unit than what might be found at a county fair.
There isn't much that is being promoted.
Instead, the business (or organization) wants to remind the community of their support and offer continued assistance as needed.
You have almost certainly seen at least one of these alternative uses in action.
While not all of them can be done without modifying the unit itself, many of them can be.
Even if you never have occasion to use a stand beyond the convention hall, you'll have a better understanding of how they can be utilized for much more than traditional promotion.
In many cases, these examples get a marketer thinking outside the box.
Write down any ideas that come to mind, and don't hesitate to experiment with the different roles convention materials might play in your own business needs - not just your promotional concerns.
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