Standard Height of Toilet Paper Holders

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    • Location can largely influence the position of the installed holder. Usually, the toilet is between the bathroom counter and the wall or the bathroom counter and the shower. This often will dictate where the toilet paper gets mounted. The most popular locations for the toilet paper are to the left and right of the toilet, directly in front of the toilet and beside the tank on the same wall. Some of these locations are less than ideal for older adults and younger children who are just learning to use the potty.

    Building Standards

    • According to Star Craft Custom Builders, who follow the National Kitchen and Bath Association's guidelines, the toilet paper holder should be in front of the toilet 26 inches from the floor. To install according to these guidelines, measure from the front edge of the bowl, and make an impression on the wall at 8 and 12 inches. Measure up from the floor to 26 inches, and center the holder within the marks. This mounting proposal will work for the locations to the left and right of the toilet, and the height will work for any of the locations.

    Group Choice

    • Another option is to allow the family to decide where the holder should go. Have every member of the family sit on the toilet with their eyes closed. Hand each one a sticker and let them leave it where they would normally reach for the toilet paper. When each member has placed a sticker, find the central area and place the toilet paper holder there.

    Americans With Disabilities Act

    • Public facilities must adhere to the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. As of September 2002 the guidelines state that toilet paper holders should be installed to a minimum height of 19 inches. There is no guideline for the distance from the front of the bowl. According to the guidelines, the holders should be installed within reach. Public facilities usually have grab bars installed above the toilet paper rolls, and the holder with a roll of paper should have enough room to move. These bars are installed to a minimum height of 33 inches.

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