How to Wire a Dayton Fan Wall Control

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    • 1). Turn the fan off by pulling the chord that controls power.

    • 2). Turn off the fuse that controls the fan. Open the fuse box and flip the switch that controls the fan. If you are unsure which fuse controls the fan, look for a fuse diagram or test fuses one by one. Typically, fuse boxes are located in the attic, garage, backyard or in a hallway.

    • 3). Remove the screws of the switch plate you intend to use with a screwdriver. Pull the switch away from the wall so you can see the wiring.

    • 4). Disconnect the screws located on the side of the wall switch and turn them counterclockwise. Note the wiring of the switch and where the black wires and bare wires attach to the switch. Remove the wires that attach to the switch and discard the switch.

    • 5). Wire your new switch to the wall. Wire the Dayton switch in the same way as the removed switch. Attach one of the black wires to the screw on the top of the switch. Connect the other black wire to the screw on the bottom of the switch. Connect the bare copper wire to the green screw at the bottom of the switch.

    • 6). Push all the wires into the box in the wall. Push the switch against the wall and attach it to the electrical box using the screws that came with the Dayton switch.

    • 7). Turn the power to the room back on by flipping the appropriate fuse.

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