Arizona Daily Foreclosures Offers A New Internet Marketing Tactic For Home-buyers

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The Arizona Central ran a feature story in their business section about a unique trend in today's foreclosure market. The feature focused on a unique event in Arizona when it came to a foreclosure auction. You see, the event banned investors from bidding on HUD properties.

Trends like this are affecting the real-estate industry as more and more foreclosures are becoming harder and harder to actually obtain. Listing services are a dime a dozen these days but it is hard to find a listing service with actual, obtainable properties.

An Arizona firm is responding to the trend in banning investors. Arizona Daily Foreclosures, LLC just launched a website that is open to both single property buyers looking for a residence and investors.  The website,, offers daily listings and direct financing.

In Arizona, the state is testing a pilot program called BLB. The program's intent is to ensure properties go back to resident home buyers, not investors. Although the concept of the program is meant to help homeowners; it could result in hurting them.  Investors buy property to offer reasonable rents to those with less than perfect credit, common in today's economy, while making an honest dollar. has a listing of properties taking place in the BLB Pilot program. However, the site is hard to navigate and doesn't define the rules for each auction.  As an alternative, groups such as Arizona Daily Foreclosures, LLC are embracing individual buyers while refraining from investor discrimination.  

The real-estate market news in Arizona is reaching as far as The LA Times. Homeowners and homebuyers are talking about the various problems when trying to buy foreclosed properties. Not helping the matters is the recent news offered by US Banker. The news site discussed challenges in qualifying actual buyers for these properties, many of which are distressed.

Fortunately, companies like Arizona Daily Foreclosures LLC are offering hope and help to a wide-variety of buyers.  "We offer direct financing or cash purchases on all of our properties.  We understand the market and respect specialized regulations but these regulations shouldn't harm the sale of a property" a representative of the company recently said.

The conclusion seems to be there is hope for home buyers, regardless of investor or sole resident status, in Arizona.

There are other websites out there dedicated to the home foreclosure market, however none offer the extensive detail, and direct financing, offered by Arizona Daily Foreclosures, LLC.
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