Website Traffic - Understanding the Hidden Dangers of Using Web 2.0 Sources in Your Niche Market

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One of the trends that a lot of people have started to take advantage of is the use of Web 2.
0 sites for getting more traffic.
In this article I want to show you the hidden dangers of using these sources in your niche market so you can be more aware of what is going on and do things differently so you can make more money.
Danger #1 - They are not proven to work to give you buyers.
You have to realize that one of the biggest problems with getting Web 2.
0 traffic to your site is the fact that you usually are not attracting buyers to your site.
These social media sources are designed for people to connect, network and have fun! They were not designed in most cases for people to build their businesses on.
So you have to realize that when you use all these social networking sites to try and get new visitors to your site, you are really going against the grain in terms of what they were designed to do.
Danger #2 - The more time you spend on Web 2.
0 marketing, the less time you are spending on automated traffic generation in your niche.
You have to realize that you can still get a lot of visitors to your site from AdWords, SEO & banner advertising.
But if all as you are doing is focusing on the Web 2.
0 sites in your niche market, you are not taking advantage of all the traffic that you could be getting to your site from the other sources that have been proven to work for years.
So make sure you devote a lot of your time to the sources that have been proven to work in your niche market.
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