7 Tips on How to Write Good Articles

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Tip #1: Brainstorm ideas.
"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
"-Benjamin Franklin.
Put yourself in the shoes of your reader.
What will they hope to learn by the time they finish reading? Analyze through the six traits of writing: Organization, Sentence Fluency, Voice, Word Choice, Conventions, Ideas and Content.
Tip #2: Content is king.
Always include the best information in your articles.
A lot of article writers are simply amazing at writing entire articles of one seed fact.
This is not the way to go.
Fill your articles with facts, tips, and solutions.
Tips #3: Split your information into multiple paragraphs.
Short and sweet bits of detail are the preference solution, because readers will easily get overwhelmed from huge, intimidating divisions.
In each paragraph, simply hit your point hard, and move on.
Tip #4: Conduct keyword research, previous to writing.
This will ensure that search engines can easily find your article, and improved Search Engine Optimization means more traffic.
In essence, insert several keyword phrases into your paragraphs, and make your title flawless, keyword jackpot.
Tip #5: Write with honorable word choice.
Using the same words over and over again gets old, fast.
Use a regular or online thesaurus to find replacements for previously-used words.
Tip #6: Use simplicity.
Readers do not enjoy sophisticated, geeky language.
Assume you are talking to your offline friends, would you try and use the longest words possible? Hopefully not.
In short, write as if you are talking to someone you respect.
Tip #7: Re-read your article multiple times.
I have found it highly necessary to read your article out loud, just to make sure it flows.
Fix any grammar or spelling mistakes, and check for word choice.
Grit out all the old, boring stuff to varnish your article with just the important content.
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