Coconut Oil - Where Do I Find It And Which Do I Choose?

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Coconut oil comes from the fruit of the coconut palm tree.
It is processed from the meat of the mature coconut and oxidizes slowly making it very stable.
It resists going rotten.
It will keep on your pantry shelf for up to 2 years.
Coconut oil is healthy oil.
It reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.
It supports your immune system.
This oil provides energy, promotes weight loss and improves digestion.
It has a high heat point making it ideal for any cooking application.
It can give you smooth soft skin and prevent premature aging.
Five different methods are used for processing the coconut meat.
Each of these methods results in a different use.
Knowing the methods of production will help you figure out where you find it and the best type to buy for your specific requirements.
The Dry Process.
Oil processed in this way is not suitable for human consumption.
The dry process yields a product suitable for animals.
The Wet Process.
Virgin coconut oil is created with this method using either the fresh meat, coconut milk or the residue.
The wet process can include prolonged boiling, centrifuges and pre-treatments, enzymes, electrolysis, shock waves, or a combination of these.
Wet processing can include using hexane.
Hexane aids in the extraction of more oil than rotary mills and expellers.
Refined, Bleached, Deodorized (also known as RBD).
The oil extracted by this process is not suitable for human consumption.
RBD uses the dried kernel with a hydraulic press and heat.
This refined oil has no taste or smell.
Hydrogenation increases the oils melting point.
In this process the unsaturated fats are mixed with hydrogen.
This mixture increases the oil's saturation.
In the partial hydrogenation process some of the saturated fats are turned into trans-fatty acids.
We know that trans-fatty acids are really bad for us.
Through fractionation different medium-chain fatty acids are extracted for specific purposes.
Lauric acid is one of the medium-chain fatty acids.
Medium-chain triglycerides are another extraction.
Lauric acid is found in industrial and medical applications.
Medium-chain triglycerides are used in cosmetics, special diets and for medical purposes.
Coconut oils are not all the same.
Become informed and know what you are purchasing.
If you are health conscious or making that one change in your diet make sure you buy organic and or virgin oil.
The oil is not difficult to find.
Most grocery stores boasting a "natural or health food" section stock it.
You will find small jars.
These jars are great for you to try it without spending a lot of cash.
Health food stores stock many different brands of the oil.
Read the labels before deciding which one you purchase.
If you don't like to smell of coconuts make sure you choose one that has odorless on the label.
You may have to look at every piece of print to find it but it is there.
If you don't mind the smell of coconut always choose virgin or organic.
I am a huge fan of organic.
I am sure the quality is what I want and I am sure that the land is cared for as well.
There are numerous online store s selling the oil.
Type "coconut oil" into your search bar and browse the different sites that sell it.
You can save yourself a couple of bucks by comparison shopping.
Don't forget to factor in the cost of shipping.
Big box store have the oil for sale on occasion.
I usually pick up a couple of large containers when I see them.
The oil does not go rancid if used before 2 years expires.
Make sure you check expiry dates before you buy arm loads of the stuff.
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