Do It Yourself Gem and Artifact Hunting Tool

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Hunting agates, arrowheads, and so on can be pretty strenuous work.
There's a real handy tool that you can make at home that can take a lot of the work out of your hunt.
It's easy to make and easy to carry.
By using this tool, you can pry up, turn over, or pick up specimens without having to bend over each time you see something that looks worth examination.
For lack of a name, I'll just call it a scoop.
A scoop is simply what it sounds like - a long handle with a scoop on the end of it.
It is an easy tool to construct.
To make it you need an old broom stick, a large serving spoon, two or three sticks of JB Weld or other super strength adhesive, and duct tape.
Cut the broom handle to the length you desire.
I like waist high myself.
Now pound or pry the wood or plastic off of the spoon handle so you are working with just the metal.
Bend the spoon to the angle of a scoop - a full ninety degree angle works pretty good for me.
Cut a slit in one end of the broom handle long enough to fit most of the spoon handle into.
Slide the spoon handle into the slit, then mold the JB weld into the slit until it the hole is completely filled and the spoon is solidly held.
Spread the adhesive completely around the broom handle to make one solid cover or boot over the slit area of the broom stick.
Let it dry over night.
You can wrap the adhesive booted end with duct tape the next day.
I don't think this helps the strength, but it makes it look nicer.
Cut a strip of duct tape and roll the tape into a round string.
Wind the string in a spiral on the handle end then wrap with duct tape to make a textured grip for the handle.
Now you have a terrific tool for prying up, flipping, and picking up stones without the necessity of continuously bending or stooping to see what they are.
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