Reasons To Justify Buying A Hot Tub

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When it comes down to deciding to buy a hot tub, the decision as to whether you actually end up buying one can come down to a number of influencing factors, and often not just down to whether you can afford one, but whether everyone in the family is in agreement or not as to whether you should buy one.
Whilst they have come down substantially in price in the last few years they are still a big investment, and just because you have £3,000 in the bank and can afford one does not mean everyone in your household will think it is a good use of the money! So here are some good points to use to "Sell" a hot tub purchase to the rest of your family.
Cost - They no longer cost £8-10,000 each, although you can pay this figure for a very large model, there are a good range available from £1,500 and nearly all suppliers will offer finance on your purchase, and sometimes it is interest free.
Running one - They are now built with a large amount of insulation in them and provided that you invest in a good insulated cover as well, then your tub should not cost a lot to keep warm once it has got up to its operating temperature.
Indeed many people choose to keep their tub always at very near its operating temperature as this is often more economical than the cycle of letting the water go cold and then re-heating it.
You can now also get ones with wood fired burners, which means if you have access to a supply of free logs then it will cost you nothing to heat it up.
Health benefits - Whilst there are some good and bad medical claims made over the use of hot tubs, in general they appear to be good for you as they allow your whole body to relax.
Just note you should not over do things and spend too long in one.
Social benefits - When you buy a hot tub everyone will want to be your friend, particularly on a hot summers day.
People will just appear at odd times of day, and just happen to have their swimming costumes with them, trust me on this as it will happen.
Hot tubs are ideal for social gatherings of people of all ages.
So as you can see it is fairly easy to justify the cost of buying a hot tub, and highlight its wide range of benefits to anyone who doubts you should buy one.
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