How to find right people to work on my online jewelry shop?

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There has been a trend in increase in the number of online jewelry shops in every part of the world. The increase of purchasing power of people, internet literacy, banking accounts, credit card holders, ecommerce feasibility, more awareness have made more and more peole turn to online shop for the purchases. So it is equally important that you stay ahead with the latest developments, stat an online jewelry store in addition to your shop and hire the best people to work for.

Hiring people has become cheap in a way with the increase in the freelancing and outsourcing at its all time high. Odesk and Elance are two great places to find people ready to work online for all the content, development, administrative and virtual assistant tasks which includes email and orders management too. Choose the experts or people who have experience in organizing and maintain these things remotely.

It is easier to find freelance designers, developer for your webstore and content managers ready online for a fraction of cost when compared to a full time employee at a physical store. One can save lots of money by hiring a pool of talent on a per project basis under the store gains some traction in sales and later on hourly basis.

Divide the entire tasks to the following. Domain registration, web hosting, shopping cart and site setup, content for the site, privacy policy, terms of service, refund and shipping info, products and categories management, order processing, integration of payment gateways and email support. Most of these tasks, if not all can be outsourced to people online the sites mentioned above. Divide these tasks as step by step process and people who have experience in their specialized task. You can monitor the work regularly and have them run the store to take orders even under your absence.
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