Sex Tips: Why You Will Always Have Bad Sex

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Sex is an important part of our lives.
It not only determines how good our relationships with the people we care about are, but it also plays an important role in determining our general well-being.
It is therefore sad that the majority of people in the world today suffer through bad sex almost every day of their lives.
You may be one of them, and here are reasons why you will probably continue having bad sex for the rest of your life.
Sex tips that most people apply are usually focused on the physical attributes of sex.
This includes even those on preventing premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed.
As a result, people experience pleasure that is only skin-deep and that fades in no time.
This is probably what you are doing and one of the main reasons why bad sex will forever be part of your life if you do not change what you are doing.
The approach to sexual intercourse that many people take is totally wrong.
With sex tips that people apply focusing more on the frequency of thrusts and penetration and how best to touch a woman's clitoris so as to achieve the quickest orgasms, people rob sex of its spiritual nature.
They rob sex of the only thing that differentiates sexual intercourse from masturbation because at the end of the day, whether you masturbate or have sex, the aim is usually to have an orgasm.
Following sex tips that only restrict themselves on guiding a man on how best to physically pleasure a woman is the first mistake that most men, including you, make.
It is the first step that any man takes towards ensuring that bad sex will forever be part of his life.
As men grow up, they tend to develop various inhibitions, especially when it comes to sexual intercourse.
These usually come about as a result of growing up in a society that believes that sexual intercourse is a necessary evil or that it is purely meant to release the physical urge of sex.
In addition to this, there are fears and emotional disturbances that become part of a man as he grows through puberty and into adulthood.
All these are barriers to the free flow of sexual energy, something which usually prevents most couples from having heightened levels of intimacy and sexual awareness during sexual intercourse.
As a result, all that people have is dry sex with skin-deep orgasms that pale in the shadow of what is really possible when it comes to sex.
Following sex tips that do not seek to tap into the innate sensual spirituality of sex is a sure way to having bad sex.
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