A Review of "Three Sisters" By Susan Mallery

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Needing a new beginning, pediatrician Andi Gordon acquires one of the three sisters on Blackberry Island off the coast of Seattle.
The three sisters in the novel actually refers to three Victorian houses built next to one another in a cul-de-sac.
Her latest acquisition is in shambles and Andi hopes that putting a smile on her new home could just as much place the desperately needed shine back in her life, after her boyfriend and fiance of ten years stood her up at the Alter.
She has come in search of a new start away from her family who hold her profession in low esteem, and maybe, to love again.
Deanna Phillips has got it all together, or so she thinks.
She is a perfect woman and wants everyone to notice this.
With five beautiful daughters who prefer their daddy, Deanna has got a beautiful home, to the left of Andi's, which is in stack contrast with the reality of her life.
The truth unfolds when she finds a photo on her husband's phone, convinced that she just found the proof of his infidelity; she reels off names of divorce attorneys all in a bid to get her husbands plea, but how wrong could she get.
She breaks when her husband unveils his unhappiness in the union, he explains that there really is no other woman but he is tired of how she makes everyone in the home feel and is actually thinking of leaving her.
Deanna Phillips has lost herself in her efforts at becoming the perfect mate; it then dawns on her that she is in dire need of a new beginning if she is to save her home.
The third sister in the trio is the home of an artist named Boston King, married to Zeke, the love of her life from her college days.
Tragedy strikes and the duo are stuck in grieving over the death of their infant son.
They never really discuss the issue, which of course causes a strain on their relationship and both have their individual ways of dealing with it.
Boston has mastered the art of recreating her dead child in all sorts of portraits while her love, Zeke, handles the same by drinking.
They both need each other to pull through, but each is deeply wounded and may never find their way out of their present internal state much less back to each other.
Boston King also needs a new beginning.
Fate brings the trio together and they will soon find that they have just as much in common as they are different.
The second book in the Blackberry Island series, Three Sisters is not without romance as Andi Gordon gets involved with her hunky contractor who is helping to wear her new home a good look.
Ms Susan Mallery did a great job with this women's fiction novel that gets you going from joy, to sadness, to tears and laughter as you watch these three women, as unique as their individual homes, pull through the challenges of their lives.
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