How to Decorate a Wall With Paper Flowers

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    • 1). Locate two studs and mount a floating shelf between them on the wall. Place paper flowers with stems into a glass vase and put the vase on the wall shelf for a no-maintenance display. Put a bouquet of paper flowers in one vase or a single flower in three or four vases spaced along the shelf.

    • 2). Decorate the walls in a little girl’s room with paper flowers she created. Hang a ribbon on the wall or span it between two walls. Attach the paper flowers to the ribbon with miniature or full-sized clothespins.

    • 3). Decoupage flat paper flowers directly onto a wall. Brush a layer of glue onto the backs of the flowers and press them onto the wall. Apply a decoupage medium over the surface of the flowers and allow it to dry. Use varnish to apply a protective seal over the flowers.

    • 4). Set individual paper flowers in picture frames and arrange them in a row along the wall. Alternatively, arrange several flowers in one large frame. Use shadowbox frames for three-dimensional paper flowers.

    • 5). Form a wall border around the top of the room with the flowers. Use the same type of paper flower or alternate types to form a pattern on the wall. Attach them with sticky tack material.

    • 6). Spell out a message such as “Happy Birthday” using paper flowers on the wall for a decorative party display. Fold painter’s tape into a loop and press it on the back of the paper flower. Press the flower against the wall. The painter’s tape can be easily removed from the wall when the party is over.

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