How to Import a Post to Twitter

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    Manually Adding the Link to Your Post

    • 1). Copy the URL address of the post you wish to add to your Twitter feed. Click the actual article post; not just the home page of a blog where the article is currently posted. Blogs have dynamically loading content that changes regularly, so the article you wish to promote may not be located on the home page if someone sees the tweet at a later date.

    • 2). Paste the URL address in a URL-shortening site, such as, or, and copy the short URL after you press the shorten button on the site. A shortened URL will help optimize your tweets, as Twitter allows only 140 characters in each message.

    • 3). Access your Twitter account and go to the homepage. Paste your URL into the "What's happening now?" message box at the top of the page and a quick post title or reason why people should read the article.

    Using a Twitter Widget

    • 1). Search your blogging platform's user page for a widget designed to export your blog's RSS feed to social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. A widget is a small application created by independent developer to help optimize a blog or website. This step will vary dramatically based on your blogging platform.

    • 2). Download the Twitter widget and install it within your back-end administration panel for your blog. This will also vary, but is usually located within the plug-in section of your administrators panel. Each widget will have simple user instructions included with the download, and your platform will have forums designed to help troubleshoot any installation issues.

    • 3). Add your RSS feed from your blog and your Twitter username in the appropriate places indicated by the developer's instructions. These two elements are the most important element and necessary for the widget to work properly. The RSS feed is created using a service like and creates a syndicated XML feed that automatically sends new posts from your blog to the designated locations.

    Using TwitterFeed

    • 1). Go to and click the "Register" button.

    • 2). Enter your email and create a password according to the registration process of the site.

    • 3). Give your feed a title, preferably the title of your blog or website and paste the RSS feed created in into the window for the feed.

    • 4). Continue to the next step and authenticate your Twitter account by pressing the large blue "Authenticate Twitter" button. Enter your username and password to grant Twitter access to your account, allowing them to receive your RSS feeds of posts from your site.

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