37 Ford Truck Specs

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    • In 1937 Ford introduced trucks with a "deluxe" exterior trim that was sleeker than its predecessors. Headlights were positioned in the fender, and the windshield was split into two sides. Also known as a "V type" windshield, it featured safety glass, setting Ford apart as the only car manufacturer to offer this feature at the time. The safety glass was a laminated layer of film between two pieces of thin glass, which reduced the chance of errant shards of glass during an accident. The chromium and steel molding around the edge and down the center further reinforced the safety glass and also reduced glare at night. The interior of the car was roomier than previous truck models, and a spare tire compartment allowed for more space.


    • All of the 1937 trucks had a V-8 engine, displacing 136 cubic inches with 60 mph horsepower. Ford advertised the vehicle as fuel efficient. The gas tank was either 14 or 16 gallons and could hold four quarts of oil. The water pump's position was also changed to create a more efficient water flow. The smaller Ford truck model had a three-speed transmission, and tires were on a 112-inch wheel base. Steel cable systems were used instead of hydraulic brakes.

    Cost and Extras

    • The costs of the Ford trucks varied in 1937. One could usually get a truck for under $600, with the cost going up significantly with added features. These deluxe options included wood moldings, a locking glove compartment and a clock. You could also add a heating system, radio, cigar lighter and even special seat covers.

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