A Greener Work Environment Leads To Several Benefits

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Is your work environment an eco-friendly and green environment?  If it's not, it's time to make some changes!  More and more companies are becoming conscious about this and for good reason.
  It's obviously great for the environment, but it will also help the overall attitude in the work place.
  There are many ways to go green at work.
  It's not a simple over-night process as it can take some time.
  The sooner the changes are made, the better but there's no need for everything to happen in one day!  Take slow steps and you'll get used to the changes together.
The first step is to build awareness in the work place.
  Let everyone know about the changes you plan on making and make sure everyone knows the benefit of the changes.
  An easy way to begin this challenge is by providing the friendliest paper possible.
  We all know that paper is made by cutting trees, but there are more efficient ways now.
  We don't think about where paper is coming from on a daily basis, but we need to change our ways.
Make sure your company is using paper that is part of the Forest Certification Program.
  To find this information out, check the company website of your paper supplier or contact them.
  They'll know right away!   Most paper companies these days used recycled consumer products.
  However, some paper companies use more recycled post consumer products than others.
  Find out how  much of the paper you're using is made from recycled goods.
  Did you know that printing companies can make ink from vegetables?  Soy beans are used to make vegetable based ink.
  Vegetable ink is a great option if you're printing flyers or other printed material as the production of soy beans is very easy on the environment.
  There made without the release of greenhouse gases.
  These are just a few of the simple steps that you can start with in your work place.
  Another simple way to go green is by keeping as much online as possible.
  Instead of printing memos for the office, use email!  Once you start making simple changes, it will be real easy.
  You'll help the earth and the overall attitude in the office!
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