Study These Study Tips - 15 Ways to Facilitate Learning

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AN ONGOING NEED Children often hold the mistaken impression that when they finish high school or college, their studying days will be over.
Most adults know the truth--there's always new knowledge to be acquired, both on and off the job.
You'll find 15 study tips in this article.
They'll ease your transition into becoming a knowledge-meister.
Take a moment to skim the material before beginning to read it.
Let typographical aids point you to important material.
Interact with the material: underline, write questions in the margin, etc.
Use advance organizers--that is, get a sense of what you will be reading before you tackle it.
Try to study important information when you are well-rested.
Take stretch and mental breaks.
Snack on foods rich in beta carotene (apricots and carrot sticks, for example).
Imagine your mind as a huge filing cabinet, waiting to be filled with valuable information.
Create an environment conducive to study.
Have paper and pencil ready to record both relevant and irrelevant thoughts that occur to you as you are trying to ingest this new information.
Before starting to study, determine how much time you can allocate.
Determine, too, when you will take a break and how much you intend to cover.
Stick to your schedule.
Periodically, change the type of material you are studying or change the seat in which you are sitting.
When you take a break, try to leave the area and get some fresh air or stop in the rest room and splash cold water on your face.
Review what you have learned every 20 minutes or so.
John Dewey noted that the first step in learning in confusion.
Expect some discomfort when you encounter new knowledge.
Convince yourself that you can plow through to the end.
Improve your receptivity toward the learning by reminding yourself of its ultimate importance.
PREPARE YOURSELF (AND YOUR CHILDREN) FOR THE FUTURE Futurists tell us those who have not learned how to learn have less job security than those intent on continuous improvement of their own minds.
May your journey be as wide as it is long.
And, may you share the intellectual landmarks with young people who are making the same journey.
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