Liquid Calcium for Plants

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    • In order for a plant to grow properly it must have the right amount of calcium in the soil. If the plant does not have enough calcium your plants will grow to be spindly looking and will eventually die off without producing any fruit. Plants that do no have strong stems cannot support heavy produce. Calcium builds the cell walls of the plant helping it to grow a strong, thick stem that is much more able to support produce throughout the growing season. Liquid calcium works faster than other forms of calcium, some of which need to break down in the soil first before they are much use to the plant.


    • Liquid calcium is a good way to protect your plants when you want to grow organically. Organic gardeners do not use any chemicals to prevent diseases or pests from ruining their plants. Organically grown vegetables are much healthier for you. However, when purchasing liquid calcium, it is a good idea to read the packaging first to make sure it is completely organic. Unfortunately not all products that claim to be organic, truly are.

    How Much

    • Read the directions that come with your particular brand of liquid calcium. Some brands are added directly to the soil while others need some diluting. Spray the liquid calcium around the base of the plant. Make sure the soil is very moist, but not soaking. Soaking soil then allowing it to completely dry out can cause other problems with your vegetable plants.

    How Often

    • Use the liquid calcium about once a week when you do your regular watering. Water your plants with the liquid calcium about once per week. Watering with calcium more than once per week can provide too much calcium for your plants. If you live in an area where calcium is abundant in the soil you may not need to add it at all or only once a year at the beginning of the growing season.

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