John Denver And My Dad's Old Girlfriend

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It was 1974 and I was 9 years old.  I was living with my dad in Poway, Ca.  My mom moved back to Utah with my little brother.  Separation.  I stayed with dad because I loved him more...despite his alcoholism. 

Although dad was living at the bars most of the time, he met a girl that I now remember to be his only girlfriend that I really liked.  She was sweet, earthy and so nice to me.  I think her name was Renae.  She introduced me to John Denver.  I remember she brought over a bunch of his records and I would play them over and over.  Oh my God, he was so beautiful!  He wasn't grungy.  He wasn't a sh--kicker.  He wasn't a druggie.  He didn't fit into any kind of category exactly.  He was just John.  The music was pure.  His playing was precise and his voice was so fine.  I would sit in the blanket tent that Renae made me in my room and listen to John play. 

I'm Brett Rodgers, massage therapist.  If you like my articles please see my web site too!  I make the worlds best custom orthotics for the feet, cool and natural sitting cushions and awesome millet hull pillows!    

Today they are playing John on PBS and raising money for the station.  As I re-live the songs, I know that my musical instincts and intuition as a child were right on the money!  Absolutely incredible!  In my early thirties when John died I was so sad.  As I recall, he crashed in his airplane in the Pacific Ocean off the southern California coast.  Although I had gotten into some different kinds of music as a teenager, and in my twenties, I always remembered the beauty of John Denver.  I also will never forget Renae, the person that befriended me in that time of my life.  She was really the only girlfriend that my dad ever had that was a decent and nice person.  She was also someone that seemed real and genuine in what I now refer to as a "plastic world" (California).  Soon thereafter, my parents got back together and Renae got kicked to the curb.  I liked her better than my own mom and I was so disappointed that she could not come over any more. 

Now, once again, I know that I was so true to myself when I was young.  I still love the hippie women!  Natural.  Hairy arm pits.  Bare feet.  Subarus.  Peace and joy.  Organic natural food.  F--k the prescription drugs.  Just herbs...God's medicine.  Yea baby!  Now, as an adult, I live in a cool and progressive - new age hippie town in the North Carolina mountains.  I love it here.   It's "Rocky Mountain High."  It's my sweet and wonderful Asheville, NC. 
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