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Do you feel like your English will never improve? Have you been studying for years? Do you ever get frustrated or disappointed that you're not learning fast enough? Don't give up! Here are 4 easy ways to improve your English: 1.
Read more.
Reading greatly improves vocabulary knowledge and spelling ability.
Read newspapers, magazines, books or even articles on your favorite website whenever you get the chance.
When you read, remember to keep a notebook handy.
Add new vocabulary words to it as often as possible, and review them once a week.
Watch TV.
This may not seem like something that will help improve your English, but it will! Watch the news every night and you'll notice that the same types of stories will be repeated, which means that you'll hear the same vocabulary and useful phrases over and over again.
After just a few weeks, you'll realize that your understanding of English has improved.
Study idioms.
Idioms are common expressions that native speakers use all the time, but that can be very hard to understand for English language learners.
For example, if you hear someone say, "I ran into an old friend of mine yesterday, and found out that he is about to tie the knot," what would you think that this means? Does it have something to do with running and tying? No, not at all! "To run into someone" is an idiom which means to meet someone by chance, and "to tie the knot" is another idiom meaning to get married.
So, someone met an old friend by chance and found out that this friend is getting married.
Native speakers will almost always use idioms when they are speaking, and if you aren't familiar with them, you'll get quite confused.
Most idioms simply must be memorized.
Talk to native speakers.
This is how you really find out how much English you know.
Find a friend, neighbor or classmate that you can talk to in English on a regular basis.
If you can't understand everything, that's fine, just try to follow the conversation and ask for clarification when you need to.
Tip: Set Reasonable Goals.
It's impossible to learn English overnight, so don't try to.
If you set small goals and keep working at it, you'll get better and better.
So, when you're reading, don't look up every word, focus on 2 or 3 new words at a time.
Or, when you're studying idioms online, don't try to memorize them all at once, focus on two new idioms each week, and try to use them each time you're speaking English.
If you follow these simple steps, your English will get better in no time!
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