How To Talk SEO To Your Designer?

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It is very important for your web designer to know the importance of SEO before he or she creates your website.
A website which is not search engine friendly will destroy any chance of it getting rank high on search engine result page (SERP) for keywords that are relevant to your business.
However, it is not always easy to talk to a designer when it comes to SEO and web design.
Designers have their own methods and philosophies when designing websites.
SEO consultants know the damages that a fanciful website built entirely with Flash will do to its SERP rankings.
So how to talk SEO to your designer so that your SEO consultant and designer can come into a common agreement and develop a website which is search engine friendly, yet interactive too? I think the first step is to let your designer understand the importance of SEO.
If your designer does not appreciate SEO, he will not spend his time worrying about designing a search engine friendly website.
Make him understand that a visually appealing website without traffic is of little use to the company.
Search engine is the foundation of all traffic sources for a website.
With a SEO friendly website, prospects will be able to find it on search engines which translates into more leads and sales.
However, it is not true that in order to build a SEO friendly website, designer must forsake the visual appeal of it.
He or she can design a SEO friendly appealing website by following certain guidelines passed down by the SEO consultant.
When you are building a SEO friendly website, you should communicate with your designer way before he or she draws out the new design.
You or your SEO consultant needs to work closely with the designer right from the beginning.
Make sure that your designer understands each of the SEO guideline that is necessary to build a website that can be indexed easily by search engines.
When building a SEO friendly website, content is very important.
As long as you provide keyword-rich descriptions and content on your site, you can still have videos and flash banners to maintain the visual appeal and interactivity with your web visitors.
Last but not least, make sure that all your internal pages are interlinked.
This is to allow search engine spiders to find deeper pages within your site for indexing.
These links should be HTML links as JavaScript are difficult to crawl.
Always use ALT tags to provide a keyword-rich description for every image on your site.
Bear these tips in mind while you are building your new site.
Communicate with your designer and I am sure he or she will understand the long term benefits of SEO traffic for the website.
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