Welcome to Arab Jamhooriya Pakistan.(Burka and Spring)

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Burka is back in vogue, we see it everywhere. We are telling Veenamalik to wear one. We tell our cricket team to wear it when they lose a match. Mulanaabdulaziz was found wearing one when he tried escaping from lal masjid. Nargis wears it when going for shopping at liberty. Jamaiahafza students looked ferocious and stunning wearing them and protesting.

I have nothing against burka; I respect women who wear it. I have full faith in the sanctity of burka even if prostitutes who are standing on the road side looking for clients are found wearing one. Lately anything and everything can be done wearing a burka, no one would question you because you are wearing a burka, that automatically makes you *shareef * and *Islamic*. You can put a burka on and go to the cheapest of rest houses in Lahore to spend some quality time with your beloved *Amjad* or *Aslam*, no one would question you. It is a perfect tool to hide yourself and do whatever you desire.

Mulanaadbulaziz tried escaping from Lal Masjid wearing one, for me bringing him on TV and taking off the burka was the right thing to do. Where did his €fighting against the infidels and Chinese massage Centre workers€ spirit go when he tried escaping with a group of women? Our own clerics and people are responsible for the downfall of *burkavaganza*.

We were never a *escaping in a burka* nation. We were a progressive, focused and determined group of people with more and more brand management jobs in karachi. We never suspected polio teams of making our kids sterile, (174 children have been diagnosed with polio virus during the current year). We never were a sanctuary for Taliban or other hardcore militant groups. The * arabianization* of Pakistan started when Mr Bhutto succumbed to the pressure of religious political parties. Zia-ul-Haq gave mujahideen a free hand in 80s. The social character of Pakistani society was destroyed, killed, massacred and assassinated.

It's been almost 23 years that Zia-ul-Haq died, but we are getting into deeper mess of politicizing religion. We admire Arab women for their beauty and modesty; our women feel burka gives them a sense of respect and security. We are a nation that loves staring at women (thin, fat, ugly, beautiful doesn't matter, she just needs to be a FEMALE), I completely understand that in such circumstances women need protection, they need to show that *who us type kinahi*. They are sexually harassed and abused in work place as well even in jobs in content development. Burka seems a pretty handy tool to tackle all these issues, but again Islam says
€lower your gaze and guard your modesty* to both men and women.
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