How to Overcome Infertility Problems

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Infertility can be a very emotionally draining problem to combat.
Many people will not openly admit that there is a problem because of embarrassment.
Infertility affects thousands of couples every year and is nothing to be embarrassed about.
It does not make a man less of a man or a woman any less of a woman.
It is simply a medical issue that can generally be overcome.
Determining Where the Problem Lies In order to properly address the problem of infertility, it is usually necessary to figure out whether the man or woman is infertile.
This is not a matter of pointing fingers or laying blame, but simply a step toward a resolution.
Both men and women can have problems that cause infertility.
For men the problem may be low sperm count, sperm obstruction, chronic infections or advanced age.
Women can be affected by various infections, low ovarian stockpile, depleted progesterone layers, disorders of ovulation, or other issues.
The cause can generally only be determined by a doctor or sometimes a specialist.
Battle Plans Once the cause of the problem is identified, you will be able to address the problem appropriately.
The manner in which you choose to address the underlying problem is something that you as a couple will need to decide.
There are various medical treatments and natural treatment methods available.
What works best for you and your lifestyle will be up to you.
Some of the methods that are currently available for treating infertility include:
  • Medications - One of the most commonly used methods for treating infertility in both men and women is prescription medication.
    With the exception of advanced age and chronic infections, there are medications that can help with many problems related to infertility.
    The downfall of this is that many of the medications are very costly and are often not covered by insurances.
    Another thing to keep in mind with prescription medications is that there are frequently unpleasant side effects that will require additional medication.
  • In vitro - In vitro fertilization is a process by which an egg is fertilized outside of the body in a controlled environment.
    Once the egg is successfully fertilized it is implanted in the uterus of the woman.
    This process has been used successfully in the United States since 1981.
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ISCI) - Male infertility can be treated by ISCI.
    In this test-tube fertilization procedure sperm is injected directly into the egg.
  • Herbal treatments - While the medical field has many forms of infertility treatments, the alternative care, or holistic, field has methods as well.
    There are various herbs that Naturopaths work with to overcome the infertility barrier.
    Much like prescription medications, these sometimes come with unwelcome side effects.
    Though some feel herbs are safer than prescription medications, this subject is still up for debate.
  • Acupuncture - Another alternative method to treating infertility is acupuncture.
    Acupuncture is gaining popularity, though its effectiveness is controversial.
    This traditional form of Chinese medicine involves placing hair-thin needles at specific points of the body.
    The Chinese believe that this balances the energies of the body and allows it to function properly.
    Even those that do not believe that acupuncture is a viable treatment do agree that it does not render any harm to the body.
While this does not cover all of the available treatments for infertility, it does hit the most well-known.
Stumbling Block There are, unfortunately, a number of stumbling blocks that can hinder success.
Here are some of the most common stumbling blocks to overcoming infertility:
  • Pride - Many couples allow pride to keep them from seeking help in their battle against infertility.
    Fear of embarrassment will often cause one or the other members of the couple to refrain from obtaining a diagnosis until the problem has gone on for far too long.
  • Cost - Unfortunately, even those that do not allow pride to stop their search for a solution can not afford to have medical diagnosis or treatments that would be necessary to overcome infertility.
    Depending upon which route of treatment you decide upon, it can become very costly especially for those without adequate insurance.
    This is one of the reasons that many couples seek alternative treatments for infertility.
    Though there is still a cost involved, generally speaking alternative treatments cost significantly less.
  • Emotional Strain - Some couples find that the emotional rollercoaster of trying to become pregnant can become too much.
    The strain that it puts on a relationship sometimes makes the battle too costly to fight.
    When finger-pointing and resentment become a factor of the relationship, setting aside the mission of overcoming infertility may become the best solution.
Whatever method that you choose to wage war against infertility, no one can give you a guarantee.
You have to determine if this is a gamble that you are willing to take.
There are definitely stumbling blocks to overcome, but upon success the rewards will definitely outweigh the costs.
It takes a strong relationship for a couple to successfully overcome infertility, but the result can be an even stronger family.
If you have been engaged in the infertility battle for some time and you seem to be wearying, often the best resolution is to set the battle aside for a period of time.
This allows you to regroup emotionally, as a couple, and sometimes financially.
When the stress is relieved and you can enjoy each other again without any expectations you may very well find that this is much more successful than other infertility treatments you have tried.
The number of stories of couples that tried to overcome infertility through medical treatments and various methods for years and finally got pregnant when they gave up trying is countless.
Whatever method you try, do your best to keep your stress level as low as possible.
Do not pressure or accuse your mate.
While you may have to employ strategies to overcome infertility, try to enjoy the journey.
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