Body Image Special - Learn to Love Your Body in Five Steps

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Often times we are our own worst enemy.
We judge ourselves more harshly than anyone around us.
And nothing is more apparent than women who speak negatively about their body.
Their body that they live in and supports them in gliding through this thing called life.
So what if you were able to stop hurting yourself by having a negative body image? What would life be like then? I have five steps here to help you learn how to love your body starting now, so we can at least have the opportunity to find out.
Step 1: Pick one body part you really really love.
It can be any part.
A supermodel once said she loved her wrist b/c it was so delicate and yet useful.
I have had friends say legs and not just because they are gorgeous, but because they run marathons with those legs.
And in fairness you can make a list of five parts and then pick one.
It is actually a toughie even for me and I am the Body Image Coach.
I guess I have been through a lot, so I have lots of favorites.
But the best are my eyes because they are how I see the world and people always compliment me on them.
Step 2: Put on an outfit that you look great in.
And if you don't have one in your closet, go out and get one.
Right now we are in a recession, so you may need to go to a thrift store or even ask some close friends to help you out.
Tell them you are doing a body image makeover experiment (and get them to join in).
Once you are in the outfit spend 30 minutes in front of the mirror.
Make yourself over like you are going to a very important event, savor the time it takes to get ready and really pay attention to things you like.
Yes, it can be your super curvy waist!! Notice the negative things and turn them around.
Step 3: Make a little journal/list and each morning write down five things you notice about your body that you like.
If you don't have any- really stretch.
Use things other people speak about.
But love them, even if it is something like your shoulder blades (I cannot tell you how many times people mention my shoulder blades and I would be like, what?).
Step 4: Go through a few magazines (celebrity journals are good or fashion magazines).
While, I am a huge fan of the media purge, this time you need to cut out different body types.
I want you to cut out as many as you can find.
Big boobs, small boobs, no waist, super tiny waist (Beyonce).
Big nose, tiny nose, long hair, short hair, light skin dark skin.
Put all of these cutouts on a poster board using a glue stick.
Cover the poster board.
Now stand in front of it and notice how many DIFFERENT people there are.
Different bodies and styles.
What shape does your body come in? Is it similar to those you see or not? Really notice how your body is special, you don't need it to be stick thin like Nicole Richie's if you have a curvy body like Kim Kardashian.
Slowly add more photos of body types that are more like yours- not THINNER for you to strive for, but just like oh I guess a big butt is okay.
Look at how J.
Lo works it.
Step 5: Stop judging others on their body and participating in this with friends or in public.
The sooner you stop judging others, you will stop judging yourself.
Stand up and be proud in this body, it is yours and you deserve it.
Everything else is gravy after this.
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