How to Seal Cast Iron Waste Line Joints

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    • 1). Wipe the exterior surface of both cast iron pipes entering the joint with a clean rag. Use multiple rags if the pipes are excessively dirty.

    • 2). Turn the hex head screw of each stainless steel band surrounding a hubless rubber coupling with a 5/16-inch inch-pound torque wrench set to its counterclockwise position. Stop loosening the screws when they move easily in their recessed grooves.

    • 3). Push the hubless coupling over the cleaned end of a cast iron pipe. Stop pushing when you feel the interior coupling flange meet the end of the pipe. Push the cleaned end of the second cast iron pipe into the open end of the coupling. Stop pushing when you feel the second pipe meet the coupling flange.

    • 4). Set the direction of the inch-pound torque wrench to tighten -- clockwise. Tighten each hex head screw until the wrench “clicks," signifying the screw is torqued correctly.

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