How to Remove the Cartridge on a Kohler Sink

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    • 1). Turn off the water to the sink faucet. The water supply cut off for the hot and cold water are typically under the sink. Rotate the valve handles to the right to shut the water supply off to the faucet you are repairing.

    • 2). Remove the Kohler faucet handle. Look for a plastic cap on the top of the handle and pry it off with a flat-head screwdriver to reveal the screw securing the handle. Remove the screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Most lever-type faucets have a small rubber cap on the back of the handle. Pull the cap out and remove the set screw securing the handle with an Allen wrench. Pull the handle straight up and off the faucet.

    • 3). Turn the bonnet counterclockwise with your hands and remove it from the faucet. The bonnet is the decorative sleeve between the faucet handle and the top of the spout.

    • 4). Rotate the bonnet nut securing the cartridge inside the faucet counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench. Pull the nut away and pull the faucet cartridge out of the Kohler sink faucet.

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