Best Decorative Wreaths

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Decorative wreaths might be associated most strongly with Christmas, but a wreath can enliven your home any time of the year.
Hang one on the front door as a special welcome to visitors.
Hang one on a wall, take a step back, and look how it's instantly brightened up the room.
You can buy wreaths made out of actual plants all the way through-many such wreaths have been preserved.
More often, however, a wreath is some kind of combination of organic and synthetic materials.
You can get a wreath with a base constructed out of silk, or straw, or even Styrofoam.
Straw wreaths are held together with strings or pieces of wire, and use wooden picks to hold the flowers on.
Styrofoam wreaths have a Styrofoam base onto which you can glue any object you'd like: flowers, holiday ornaments, seashells.
There's also a type of wreath called a grapevine wreath, which, as the name suggests, has a base made out of a vine that has been twisted into a circle.
You can also start with a wire frame in a circle, attach pieces of vine to this frame, and then glue on flowers or whatever other decoration you'd like.
The great thing about wreaths is that because they can hold almost any type of ornamentation you can imagine, there's a wreath available for any of the major holidays.
For example, a wreath that shows off vibrant red, white and blue flowers is a great decoration for the Fourth of July, while an autumnal-looking wreath displaying dark orange and brown plants can go great next to that cornucopia on Thanksgiving Day.
When you have a wreath in your home, you not only have a beautiful object on exhibition, but you're also taking part in a long and cherished tradition.
Decorative wreaths have been a part of Christmas decorating for ages.
They were originally designed to symbolize eternal love: the circular shape represents an unending loop, a relationship that can never be broken.
Wreaths also allow you to employ your creativity.
Unlike many other household decorations, which you simply buy at a store and then hang up, you can add anything you want to your wreath.
You can start with a completely blank canvas and fill it up with the colors and objects you love, until the decoration not only reflects the joy of the season but the personality of its owner as well.
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