Why Burglar Alarms Have Become So Popular

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Just a few decades back, only the homes of the very affluent used to have burglar alarms.
Indeed, in those days, just the fact that you were installing a burglar alarm would have been seen as a signal that you had started growing 'monied;' and that you had property 'large enough' to attract burglars.
Most neighborhoods then were quite safe.
To be sure, there was always the occasional theft incident here and there.
But it was not a phenomenon - huge enough for people to start installing burglar alarms in their homes.
All that is history now, of course.
Indeed, burglar-alarms have gone on to become standard installations in many parts of the world.
In these parts of the world, a house without some sort of burglar alarm is considered incomplete, you know, just the same way a house without a window or a house without ventilation would be considered incomplete.
A number of factors can be identified, as being behind this trend, which has seen burglar alarms evolve from being the preserve of the rich and famous, to being standard installations that every 'responsible' homeowner is expected to fit.
One reason as to why burglar-alarms have become so popular is undoubtedly a rise in crime.
There is no denying that due to a combination of factors, the world is today a much more unsafe place than it was just a few decades ago.
The 90s and early years of the 21st century have seen the emergence of a new type of criminal: who steals not to 'get something to eat' but rather just to get 'kicks' out of it.
To this new criminal, the act of robbing someone gives him a feeling of power, some sort of inexplicable thrill.
It is therefore in your best interest to take all measures you can to avoid falling victim to this type of criminal.
This criminal is, after all, a true sadist: one who will not only steal from you, will also go ahead to inflict a lot injuries (or even death) if given the opportunity.
Now faced with this type of threat, is it any wonder that many people have opted to install burglar alarms in their living premises? Another reason as to why burglar-alarms have become so popular, even in the parts of the world where there has not been a surge in crime is their falling price and their increasing availability.
These two factors are in turn attributable to the sophistication in the technology on which the alarms are based.
One somewhat paradoxical effect advancement in technology tends to have is that of inducing falls in the prices of products made through it.
We have seen it in many other things, besides burglar alarms: from radios to mobile phones and onto computers.
Availed with relatively cheap burglar alarms, which are also easily available, even people in parts of the world where crime is not phenomenal see no harm in installing them; 'just in case.
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