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    • Ratan Tata, the head of Tata Motors, came up with the idea to produce the "people's car" back in 2003. He then put together an engineering team and gave them three requirements for the yet nonexistent vehicle. Those requirements were that it follows regulatory requirements, be low priced and have high acceleration capacity and be extremely fuel efficient. After an initial prototype flopped, they came up with the current Tata Nano.


    • The Tata Nano has a lot of benefits. Its extremely low cost, fuel efficient (it has a much lower pollution level than other cars produced in India right now) and environmentally friendly, with a very low carbon footprint. Also, the car is relatively spacious, comfortably seating four passengers. The car has ample leg space and head room. Additionally, its width of 1.5 meters and length of 3.5 meters allows it to blend maneuverability and space and travel well in both crowded urban areas and countryside alike.


    • As of right now, the Tata Nano still is only available for purchase in India. However, there are plans to launch it in many more countries all over the world. Within a span of four years, the Tata Nano is going to be introduced in markets in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.


    • There have been questions of safety regarding the Tata Nano. India has 8 percent of the world's car crash fatalities alone, and many worry that introducing a million Nanos will only increase the occurrence of car crashes. However, as of now the Tata Nano lacks antilock braking systems and airbags, which wouldn't even let it get past approval in many nations such as the United Kingdom. However, the addition of these features would cause the price of the vehicle to soar (at least doubling it).


    • There are three basic types of Tata Nanos available now. They are standard, deluxe and luxury. The standard Tata Nano does not come with air conditioning, however, the deluxe and luxury varieties do. The Luxury Tata Nano also comes with extra features such as fog lamps, alloy wheels and ICE. The vehicle comes in several colors, including red, yellow and silver.

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