Use Online Phone Traces to Nab a Cheating Spouse - The Best Way to Bust That Cheating Spouse

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While most phone numbers of land line are listed in phone directories, cell phones aren't.
This makes it harder to find out who owns a phone number you may have come across.
But why would you want to? oWhen you suspect your spouse might be cheating on you oWhen you want to determine who your children have been talking to oWhen you get a call from someone who immediately hangs up oWhen you get crank calls The list goes on.
There are hundreds of web sites that offer to trace a number to its owner.
As with everything on the internet, some of these places are legit and others aren't.
How can you tell the difference? Here are things to look for in a site: oThey respect your privacy by not asking for your phone number oThey have a database of at least 250 million numbers, which covers approximately 95% of phones in the U.
oThey frequently update their database, hourly at least.
Some update several times per hour oThey charge less than the $75 or more for a year's subscription that some sites charge There are a few proven sites that conform to these guidelines, some of them charging a fraction of the amount that others charge.
And some of these sites offer a proven track record of discretion, which is obviously important when you're trying to track down suspicious calls without your child, lover or neighbor finding out.
Keep these things in mind and you can find the information you are looking for in no time.
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